According to recent reports that have emerged, Google has removed several crypto news site apps from the Play Store...


According to the latest information revealed, Google's Store app on Android phones, the Google Play Store, appears to be experiencing new problems with cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. The Play Store has blocked access to some news sites, according to a new report shared. 

New Obstacles

The practices of cryptocurrency media's major news sites, such as Cointelegraph and Coindesk, have been removed from the Play Store as of yesterday. No information was shared prior to this blocking process, according to The Cointelegraph. However, the news site said that they reached out to Google, but did not receive any explanation.

Cointelegraph says they have no idea why the app has been removed from the Play Store, despite meticulous work.

This Is Not The First

In fact, this is not the first time cryptocurrencies have faced obstacles in online media. YouTube recently removed the contents of crypto content producers from the platform in a moment, and then received a great reaction after it was a misunderstanding and said that the content will be uploaded.

Google, meanwhile, removed its cryptocurrency app, MetaMask, in December. In remarks at the time, MetaMask co-lead developer Dan Findlay said: “I hope this is a real mistake from the standpoint of Google's watchers. But with all the crypto YouTube bans, the way Google interacts with decentralized technologies really sickens me.” had used expressions.

The Google Play Store had also previously banned various crypto-mining practices.